Redesdale - Fast Facts

Trail number

Not applicable

Trail length

17 kilometres

Elevation variance

60 metres

Trail type

Single trail, fire trail, gravel road

Trail surface

Smooth dirt, rocks and rock outcrops

Weather affected

Prone to be muddy after heavy rain

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Berms, jumps, drop offs

Trail obstacles

Log obstacles

Trail Rating

Trail rating


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Night riding


Family Friendly


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Trail Description

Summerhill Road runs through the reserve and so it meets Racecourse Road in two spots. If you are referring to Google Maps, the entrance you want is the northern one which is where Mount Lofty Road meets Racecourse Road. Just to complicate things, Google Maps shows Mount Lofty Road but doesn't label it for some reason.

From this intersection, head up Summerhill Road until the farmland on the left finishes. Keep an eye out on the left (approximately 100 metres or so) for a track. This leads down to a dam which is the trailhead. Apparently there used to be an old red motorbike frame there marking the trailhead but I didn't see it when I went.

One of the things about the trail which I wasn't aware of is that the trail design is to a degree uni drectional. This is not to say it can't be ridden in either direction but the trail features in the southern and south western section of the trail work best if you head south from the dam wall as they require your downhill speed to work well (eg large rock face "berm" near the western dam, some of the rougher rock gardens are easier to descend, the fire trail to the top of the south western loop is an easier climb over a longer distance and so on).

Do the south eastern loop first, then head back into the south western loop and then the northern loop. In this manner, you progress around the park in a clockwise manner. Click on this link to bring up a printable pdf version of the map.

South Eastern Loop

Head to the dam wall at the car park and pick up the single track and follow it south until you hit a fire trail.

Cross the fire trail and pick up single trail on other side and follow. The trail meanders up and then back down to the fire trail.

Follow the fire trail to the south east before turning right at next fire trail. Follow this trail for quite a distance until it turns into single trail and follow to southern boundary.

Turn right at boundary track (above) and follow until you pick up single trail on right. This section of the trail can be quite rocky in places but is quite rideable. You gradually climb before returning down some fast open single trail back down to the centre of the reserve where you can can pick up the south western and northern loops. Use the trail map to pick up the turn offs as you go around.

Above is where you return to Summerhill Road in the centre of the reserve. From this point you can can pick up the south western and northern loops.

South Western Loop

These photos are taken in the reverse direction being from the centre of the reserve and heading to the western boundary. First section follows Summerhill Road and then south along western boundary fire trail. The single trail is off to the eastern side of the trail to do a short loop up to a summit.

Pictures below are heading up to dam and summit area.

Picture of dam and trail heading down from summit - this section is better ridden from south to north as the trail features work best in this direction.

Heading back to western fire trail and along southern boundary. pick up single trail off to left of track which heads up to summit and back to centre of reserve.

Northern Loop

These photos are taken in the reverse direction being from the dam heading to northern boundary and then back to centre of reserve. Trail climbs to the northern boundary as single track and follows boundary before heading back into the centre of the reserve on fire trails. This loop is probably best ridden from centre of reserve back around to the dam to get the best flow from the single trail.



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Parking and Facilities
Parking is available at dam in the bush on the left as you come in on Summerhill Road.
No toilet facilities are available.
No drinking water is available.
No food or drinks are available in the immediate area.
No local information facilities are available.