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Redesdate is located 120 kilometres to the north west of Melbourne. Mount Lofty is located just west of Redesdale which is located 115 km north of Melbourne (between Heathcote and Castlemaine as a rough guide). The site is called a Natural Features Reserve and is run by Parks Victoria although there is little information on their website apart from a map. The reserve is open forest which is on an irregular parcel of land measuring approximately 1 kilometre wide by 2 km long.

A 24 hour Kona Race was held there in 2006 but the trails from this event were in disrepair when I first visited in 2008 and were subsequently destroyed in the 2008 bushfires. Trails were re-established for the Garmin 24 hour event in November 2011 and as a result there is a large 18 km loop taking in a variety of fire trails and a large amount of single track. The trail tends to have rises followed by descents for the whole circuit allowing for the body to recover.

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Redesdale Loop Trail information for the Redesdale Loop
Wombat MTB Club Trail information from the Wombat MTB Club.
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Redesdale Click on link for map showing how to get there.
Tourist Information

Redesdale is a pretty small town and the facilities are pretty well limited to the local hotel. Having said that, it is smack in the middle of some other great towns. Local area information can be obtained at the Heathcote webpage, Kyneton webpage, Bendigo Tourism webpage or Castlemaine Maldon webpage. These web pages have good information on the area and detail options for accommodation and other holiday oriented activities in the area.

Redesdale does not have a visitor information centre.