Westgate Park - Fast Facts

Trail number

Not applicable

Trail length

7 kilometres (using various trails)

Elevation variance


Trail type

Single trail, gravel road

Trail surface

Smooth dirt, rocks

Weather affected

All weather

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Berms, jumps, pump track

Trail obstacles


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Night riding


Family Friendly


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Safety Notes

Please note this area is well known for tiger snakes in the summer time. I have seen a snake in the main section of the park heading over one of the main paths so the grass areas will definitely have them. Keep an eye out. A few years ago, there was a fire in the area in some old wharf piles and the fire fighters couldn't get close due to the number of snakes fleeing the fire area so take care.

Trail Description

Westgate Park is located just below the Westgate Bridge on the city side of the Yarra. It's not my favourite circuit but a lot of people use it as a lap training ride as it's close to town and the park is gradually recuperating from years as a tip into a half decent wetland area. It comprises largely gravel surface tracks throughout the park which are shared with walkers but the trails are wide and there's usually not too many people around. Access from the Westgate via the Todd Road exits.

In addition to these tracks there are a number of side tracks which are single track in nature. The orange tracks above are the main trails in the main park area.

The section across the bottom of the main park area is single trail which uses a small hill to create rises and falls. The middle section can be quite boggy after rain so pick your line around the boggy sections. Be aware when riding through long grass there are old sleepers, bricks, etc in the grass which can bring you to a prompt halt if you hit them unexpectedly.

The trails in yellow are open again after the strengthening works on the Westgate were completed. These are single trail and there is a small "pump track" area.

Pictures below are of the area north of the bridge - refer to the videos for the trails on the southern side of the bridge.

Trails within the main park area north of the bridge.

Single track heading across the northern side of the Westgate.

Sunset over the Pink Lake.

Trail Videos

Parking and Facilities
Parking is available at Todd Road car park.
Toilet facilities are available near Todd Road car park.
No drinking water is available.
No food or drinks are available in the immediate area.
No local information facilities are available.